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Escape The Stress With A Staycation Featured

14 October 2020 Written by   Sea View Inn Published in blog

For most of us, life has been and continues to be pretty stressful.   While we may want a change of scenery, it needs to be something easy to manage.  In comes a staycation! If done properly a staycation will offer you the new scenery you crave, a chance to recharge, and the opportunity to explore a nearby town or community. 


3 things to remember when planning a Staycation


  1. Keep the drive time short! We recommend 2 hours door to door


  1. Know the amenities! Will your destination offer wifi? Are there restaurants close by? Do they offer bikes?  10 minutes of research can ensure the trip is a success.


  1. Schedule activities in advance. Even during times like these, activities can fill up so plan ahead. If planning ahead isn’t your thing, identify places that have all kinds of free activities like the beach, hikes, and bike rides, walking, etc..