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A Book Lover’s Guide to 4 Unique L.A. Bookstores Featured

03 January 2020 Written by   Jeff Shotwell Published in blog

Los Angeles has always had a rich history of storytelling and has provided the setting for some of history's greatest books so it's no surprise the city has no shortage of stores dedicated to the written word. Whether you're looking to revisit an old favorite or find your next beach read, celebrate this National Book Lover's Day (August 9th) by checking out these unique Los Angeles area independent bookstores. 

At Southern California's oldest and largest independent bookstore, Vroman's you'll find a book lover's dream - shelf after shelf of books on just about every subject imaginable. If you happen to find yourself overwhelmed by the choices, the store's very knowledgeable staff can help you with a recommendation. Once you've found a new book or two stick around, Vroman also offers a coffee shop and daily events ranging from knitting classes to readings.  

Housed in a former bank vault in downtown L.A. The Last Bookstore's Instagram worthy book sculptures and colorful displays will pull you in but the book selection will keep you browsing for hours. Boasting a large collection of new and used books along with a budget-friendly $1 section you're sure to find something for even the pickiest bookworm. If you love a good treasure hunt, the store arranges it's fiction section randomly, giving you the opportunity to happen upon that perfect title. 

The quirky The Time Travel Mart is not your ordinary bookstore. It's actually a nonprofit in disguise. Ran by 826LA, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting writers ages 6-18, you'll find a writing center in back and up front a store filled with fun items to assist you in all your time travel journeys. However, it's the books, all written by the program's young authors, that really makes this store special. At The Time Travel Mart, you just might find the first works of a future bestseller.

Located just 5 minutes from The Sea View Inn, at Pages: a bookstore you'll find the best of local and mainstream titles. Founded by a group of Manhattan Beach moms, this bookstore prides itself in on creating a community and family-friendly environment, evident by their weekly offering of story-time, book clubs, and unique author events. Here book lovers will find a coziness that's hard to resist even with the ocean mere steps away. 

After a long day of book hunting The Sea View Inn is the perfect place to relax. Contact us today and we'll help create the perfect setting for you to get lost in a good book.