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Family-Friendly Adventures in the LA Area

08 November 2019 Written by   Jeff Shotwell Published in blog
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The holidays are coming up, and for many families across the US that means food, gifts, and travel. If your holiday adventures bring you to the LA area with your little ones, you should check out these three family-friendly adventures. They're not only fun, but they'll help keep the kids occupied and allow them to burn off some of their excess energy. That's a win-win for everyone.

Blast From the Past

Travel back in time by taking your kids to the Neon Retro Arcade. Introduce your kids to the 80's and 90's, and give them a chance to see what life was like before iPads and smartphones. They can spend the day playing Spy Hunter, Frogger, and Ms. Pacman for only $25. That provides you with unlimited play. An hour of play is $10, so if you plan to stay for a while, the day pass is definitely worth it. If you're worried that your kids will not be as into retro games as you are, don't worry. You will find Wii games and more modern devices set up in the back.

A Very Modern Arcade

VR Territory provides your kids with an immersive experience that goes beyond standard VR play. There are several gaming opportunities to choose from, so the adventures are endless. Your kids can shoot arrows at creatures in a fantasy land or steer a ship through troubled waters; the choice is theirs. If they really want to test their skills, they can try to escape from a VR escape room. Unlike other escape rooms, where you walk into a decorated space with a few puzzle boxes, VR escape rooms physically transport you into intricate locations and let you move in distant lands and times long since past. There are two rooms to choose from; Beyond Medusa's Gate and Escape the Lost Pyramid. These adventures might take you back in time, but the tech is certainly not old school.

A Closer Look at the Stars

If your kids love looking at the stars when you go on vacation, or they've never had the chance to see all our galaxy has to offer due to LA's pollution, you should consider a trip to the planetarium. Take a seat in the Bianchi Planetarium's 100 seat theater, and watch as they recreate the beauty of the night sky. The 40-foot dome that surrounds you instantly transforms into a glittering masterpiece that's both captivating and realistic. The Bianchi Planetarium prides itself on accuracy, displaying over 2,000 stars, the five visible planets, and the natural motions of the sky. It's both educational and beautiful, and will give your kids a chance to see the sky as they've never seen it before.

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