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3 Fun Facts About Manhattan Beach

23 September 2019 Written by   Jeff Shotwell Published in blog
Afternoon aerial view of popular Manhattan Beach Pier near Los Angeles, California. Afternoon aerial view of popular Manhattan Beach Pier near Los Angeles, California.

If you've ever visited Manhattan Beach, then you probably remember the gorgeous sunsets and the variety of restaurants and shops, but do you know these fun facts about the city? Take a look at the list!

1. The city only receives 12.07 inches of rain every year!

Compared to San Francisco, which receives almost double that, Manhattan Beach boasts beautiful beach weather and very little rain. Don't worry about packing your raincoat or umbrella, focus on bringing enough sunscreen and your flip flops! There are several options if it does happen to rain during your visit, though! Choose from multiple theaters and shopping locations throughout Manhattan Beach.   

2. Manhattan Beach was given its name in 1901, by a man from New York!

You guessed it! Manhattan Beach was named after the city in New York after a coin toss. Starting in 1901, buildings were constructed throughout the city and eventually two piers were added, as Manhattan Beach was born! Would you have guessed that the city's history dates back to 1901? 

3. Los Angeles International Airport is only 5 miles from Manhattan Beach (and our Inn)!

In addition to being a cute, coastal city, it's also approximately five miles from LAX! After arriving in LA, you won't need to spend much time driving or taking a taxi to Manhattan Beach- it should take you about 15 minutes. Additionally, there are many options for getting to and from the airport, as well as options for navigating the city of Manhattan Beach itself! 

Between Manhattan Beach's weather, proximity to Los Angeles, and beach access, the city enchants its visitors! The many restaurants, outdoor recreational activities, and local events provide visitors and seasoned locals with plenty to do and see! What was your favorite spot?

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