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Looking Hot and Feeling Great at Manhattan Beach

12 September 2019 Written by   Jeff Shotwell Published in blog
Relaxing massage in Manhattan Beach Relaxing massage in Manhattan Beach

Vacationing, or exploring, Manhattan Beach is great way to spend a week or two any time of year. Staying at the Sea View Inn, the closest hotel to the beach, is a gorgeous and luxurious place to call home while you are here. The view is unbeatable and the beach is really just a few feet away.

If you are looking for a spa to help you look your best at the beach, or just to relax, the following options are excellent:


If you need to clean the sand and salt out of your pores after a day playing at Manhattan Beach, there is always Trilogy Spa. Trilogy is located one and a quarter mile, a 25-minute walk, from the Sea View Inn. They offer regular and medical spa amenities, such as hydro-facials and micro-needling therapy. The black diamond laser therapy is new and definitely worth a try. They also offer spa parties for tourists and members alike. This is a great place for a girls' day or a guys' day, whatever you are after.


Sand Spa is thirty-three feet down the street from Sea View, a close enough walk for almost everyone. They brand themselves as a luxury affordable spa, but the atmosphere is all luxury. Here you can get a spa, a manicure, a massage, and more. How about a wax or eyelash extensions? If you are pregnant, they have a special prenatal massage. You decide what you would like to do a la carte and they will make sure it gets done within the time limits that you have.


Montage Boutique and Spa is only an 8 minute walk away from the Inn, or around two and a half miles. Cutting edge skincare treatments and an elegant and comfortable atmosphere really make this spa stand out of the crowd. Montage offers LightStim, an LED bed they say helps lessen body pains, strengthens your immune system, and keeps you looking young. Staff understand that there is only so much time in the day and that a visit to the spa should not take up all of your time. They move quickly and efficiently to get you in and out as you need.   

You take a vacation to ease stress and to have experiences that you don't get at home. The spas available near the Sea View have brand new, high-tech procedures to help you relax and to make you look great. Everyone wants to look great on the beach. It is still a vacation and it is your job to chill. So, whatever you decided to do, you can find it near the Sea View Inn. Please, contact us for your reservations or questions. You do you in Manhattan Beach and we can help you have a great time doing it.