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The Magic of Los Angeles

12 August 2019 Written by   Jeff shotwell Published in blog
Welcome to Manhattan Beach Welcome to Manhattan Beach

You've been to the beach all day, hopefully well sunscreened.  Now what? 

You've been to the iconic Manhattan Beach Pier with its many offerings.  You've watched the surfers, visited the Roundhouse Marine Lab and Aquarium, seen the no-view-like-it sunsets over the ocean, explored much of what magical Manhattan Beach has to offer.  www.citymb/info  But what about the other magic found in the Los Angeles area? 

Of course there's Disneyland, with its Magic Kingdom beckoning. But there are several venues around the city where you can see real magic performed. 

Starting only a stone's throw away, in Hermosa Beach, there's the Comedy and Magic Club.  Every night a magician or two shares the stage with often well-known comedians.  If you want laughs and wonderment in the same night, this is your place.

Or, just a bit north, in the beachside community of Santa Monica, there's the aptly named Magicopolis. It's got it all. Comedy, magic, illusions, in an intimate 150 seat theater that puts you right where the magic happens. Performances are primarily on weekends. Check the website to buy tickets. 

Venturing a bit further, but well worth it, the magic of Hollywood awaits.   Not just in the echoes around you of the golden age of the movies as you walk Hollywood Boulevard, with the Chinese theater (where immortalized in cement are the handprints and footprints of many stars through the decades), and the Hollywood walk-of-fame that honors a whole range of entertainment greats (see how many you recognize).  But there are performance spaces where wizardry and baffling illusions are performed. 

Many have heard of the world-famous Magic Castle.  A private club that's difficult but not impossible to get into.  Check out the website on how you can get tickets.  Well worth the effort.  But nearby, and far easier to visit, is Black Rabbit Rose. No club membership required.  Amazing magic performed there, with jazz in addition to the legerdemain in an atmosphere that's enchanting on its own.   

And finally, take a step into the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, smack dab on Hollywood Boulevard.  Its lobby will transport you to a Hollywood that existed when movies were movies, and then, after a short elevator ride, there awaits an evening of mystery and magic in an intimate setting.  Only performed every other weekend, but if your dates work out, highly recommended.

Whether watching a sunset just outside your hotel or venturing out to explore, there's magic waiting all around you.  Enjoy.