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The Art Scene At The Beach

15 July 2019 Written by   Jeff Shotwell Published in blog
Art in Manhattan Beach Art in Manhattan Beach

What draws you to Manhattan Beach might be the scenic coast, but the surroundings aside, you can get a true sense of local culture and talent by checking the artistic outlets. Below are a few curated suggestions when you're in the mood for a glimpse at the more creative side of town.

Starting on July 12 through the end of September, local artists will showcase their talent in the Discover Manhattan Beach art exhibit. This is a great outlet where residents and visitors alike can get a glimpse of all things related to laid back So Cal beach life, depicted in a variety of mediums. It's being held at the Manhattan Beach Art Center, opening night starts at 6pm.

If it's fine art you're craving, look no further than the Bo Bridges Gallery, housing an eclectic mix of subject matter, whether it's an aerial shot of local sunbathers and surfers or an alien-esque shot of a Bolivian rock formation. It's all created by Mr. Bridges, a passionate adventurer and outdoorsman, along with some other product thrown in for good measure.

In addition, if you love the large format or focus on photography, you'll be in good company with the locals who fill their walls filled with art from Pacific Coast Gallery. A bevy of selection, from water and other nature stills to lifestyle and music, the amazing sharpness and display of each piece is captivating enough to make a special trip.

Whether you're visiting or a local, there's also a selection of hands-on workshops available when you're feeling crafty or need an outlet that doesn't involve sand. Check out the Manhattan Beach Parks and Rec selection and let your imagination get the best of you. Who knows, you might discover a new hobby or awaken a dormant talent.

While galleries are a great resource, sometimes art can be easy to miss, such as the sculptures found in and around our parks and the functional items we take for granted. Beautification surrounds the area, so when you're strolling for coffee or cruising past ritzy homes, be sure to admire some of the city's Public Art gems, always in plain sight but often overlooked.

While it may not be a big, this South Bay city has plenty to offer. Be sure to ask your Sea View Inn contact for inspiration and ideas on how explore all of Manhattan Beach and the surrounding area.