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Summer events in Manhattan Beach

07 June 2019 Written by   Jeff Shotwell Published in blog
Men's Volleyball, Manhattan Beach CA Men's Volleyball, Manhattan Beach CA

Father's Day is here! Are you a dad looking to take part in recreational beach tournaments? Come enjoy with your family. Registration for Father's Day beach volleyball tournament is ongoing. There are abundant of prices to win on June 16th 2019, kindly register for participation.

  The entire city and its council is honoring and appreciating their military troop. It has been offering quality services to their country. The fifth annual salute to our military troops will be on June 30th 2019 from 5pm to 7pm at Manhattan Beach city. Do you love entertainment? Satin Dollz and big band musicians are your chief entertainers. There will be concerts and bands performance in the park. Get ready with your picnic equipment like blankets and lawn chair. Also Luxurious activities like skating and scooting are available in the park.   NOTE: Pets, tree climbing and improper discarding of wastes are not allowed in the park.   Age limit of international surf festival participants is 8 years to 80 years. Surfing improves physical fitness to the participants. Other activities like dory race, and youth events will take place at the park.   Be among 50,000 spectators of Charlie saikley 6-man beach volleyball this year for in the park. It's a standard beach volleyball ensuring improved participant performance. Kindly join us august 2-3 2019 for the tournament. Swimming being among top luxurious activities will take place in Manhattan Beach. Visit Dwight Crum pier-to-pierswim to get more information. Meet long distance swimmers in United States. Are you ready to register?   Talented people in sand castle design are registering for the activity. Sand castle design contest with surf festival presents their 59th annual contest. This recreation activity identifies hidden talents to kids. Swimming, mud running competition, other obstacle activities will take place in the park. The participants will receive participation medals and t-shirts. All ages can take part in this activities. Join us on August 18 2019 for the 11th annual kids' extreme. Register for quality services.   The 41st annual Peddling challenge will take place in the park. It will take off in Southern California on August 25th 2019. Take the challenge and make it embellished this year. When peddling, use your hands to propel peddlers through the water. Try to overcome ocean currents, swells and wind conditions making the activity interesting. Registration for the activity is ongoing.     Contact us