3400 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Savory Stops in Manhattan Beach, CA

25 April 2019 Written by   Jeff shotwell Published in blog
Two Guns Espresso, Manhattan Beach CA Two Guns Espresso, Manhattan Beach CA

As you stroll out of the Sea View Inn at the beach in Manhattan Beach the sun rises due east and slowly engulfs the coastline in a warm embrace. You close your eyes and smile as the sun wears down the early morning chill on your back. This feeling could last forever, but a floral aroma takes your senses captive. You open them to investigate. A fellow guest is returning to their room holding a cup with a very distinct target logo. The only sensible option is to locate the source of that soul-warming beverage. The attendant at the front desk ecstatically points you in the direction of Two Guns Espresso less than 400 ft away. Entering the establishment, you immediately find the blend that paints your morning, Sound + Vision. This genuine experience reflects its Congo, Ethiopia, and Sumatra origins and tops off your morning smile.

With the day off to such a great start now is the time to hit The Strand for a late morning stroll. A breeze lifting your spirits high rides across the Pacific Ocean breathing vitality into anyone willing to meet it. This is the perfect time for capturing the moment and while the scenery would grace even the most spectacular Instagram presence; Manhattan Beach has an excellent selection of professional photographers with outstanding reviews and reasonable rates. 

After a little fun in the sun, it's important to rehydrate and recover. Of course, the best way to do this is to sit down for a rejuvenating lunch. Sloopy's is just up the street and offers a gourmet sandwich to meet those recovery needs called Mother Nature. If that name doesn't sing to your taste buds then they also have an excellent selection of sandwiches, signature burgers, salads, and flight boards.  

From Manhattan Beach Ave and Manhattan Ave to Manhattan Beach Ave and Highland are the central intersections for most of your shopping desires. Here you will find everything from trinkets that will rekindle wonderful memories to beachwear and groceries. 

With the Manhattan Beach Pier just over a mile away, the experience wouldn't be complete without a stroll between its blue railings to lean on the edge of the world as the sun sets and lights the ocean ablaze with magnificence rarely found elsewhere. These pier sunsets are more than postcard material. They are our deepest passions orchestrated in the horizon and the awe shared by those present is a testament to its power. If your yogi senses are tingling and the timing is right, you may be able to book an affordable single session yoga class with views of the ocean at the yoga loft as well.

This kind of day has made you remember that you deserve the best of life and that experience holds such value. What better way to experience the best than with Chef LeFevre at Fishing With Dynamite? The name alone makes your ears perk in curiosity. The Chef adds his personal touch by changing the menu with his changing inspiration providing you with dishes that may be as unique as your sunset. Menu items may include classics like New England Clam Chowda' or something to provide your taste buds with a brilliant thrill like Grilled Octopus with white bean hummus, chermoula, kale, pine nuts, and mint. 

Leaving Fishing With Dynamite you will certainly want to bask in the early night ocean air. As you stroll along, if you happen to feel the desire for one last treat make your way to Manhattan Beach Creamery. Here you will find a perfected variety of ice cream creations and captivating cupcakes. Since you were able to have such an adventurous day you may be delighted to know that you were able to enjoy so much within a little more than a mile of The Sea View Inn. We understand that you may not want to visit the same places every day, and for that reason, we hope you enjoy this excellent list of dining establishments and other local offerings here in Manhattan Beach.