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Make It A Fuss-Free Thanksgiving In Manhattan Beach

02 November 2018 Written by   Jeff Shotwell Published in blog
Thanksgiving in Manhattan Beach Thanksgiving in Manhattan Beach

Whether you're visiting the beach or just need a change of pace around Thanksgiving, there are numerous options that will make it memorable and fuss-free. If you're a pure traditionalist and still want turkey with all the usual sides and favorites, why not cook ahead and try something different the day of or before--you secretly love the leftovers more anyway, right?

Manhattan Beach is generally temperate in November and there always seems to be that one week when it feels like summer never left, often right around Thanksgiving, so don't plan on jacket weather just yet! Why not take your Thanksgiving to the beach? There's plenty of room to play frisbee, volleyball or toss a football around to work up an appetite. For a fuss-free beach blanket spread, we recommend Andrew's Cheese Shop where you'll find numerous specialty items along with delicious smoked turkey sandwiches, Italian subs, or a freshly made caprese. You really can't go wrong here on cheese and meat, but get there before noon, since they'll likely close early on Thanksgiving day.

Maybe you like a beach view, but the prospect of sand in your sammie is not as desirable. In that case, soak up the view from a veranda or deck knowing your meal is in the hands of a professional. Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach has an array of Thanksgiving delicacies, all prepared for you and packed handily into carryout boxes so you can enjoy it immediately or keep it warm while you pour a pre-meal cocktail and put the final touches on your family's favorite pumpkin torte. Or you can order out your dessert as well, just be sure to order ahead.

If you're more of an early riser and want to get the most out of your day rather than mill about basting a bird, grab the kids and get to The Kettle, a mainstay eatery for Manhattan Beach locals that has an entire list of family-friendly breakfast items served in a casual setting. A home-cooked holiday meal is lovely, but who doesn't like a good stack of pancakes and a mimosa while giving thanks for all that's been good to them over the year? Order the turkey bacon if you don't want to completely abandon tradition.

When it's dinner you're looking for, what's more fuss-free than having someone cook andserve you? Fortunately there are a few places open Thanksgiving evening. Il Fornaio will be serving not only the traditional turkey dinner, but also offers their normal a la carte menu, featuring favorites like pasta bolognese and seafood linguine. They offer a full wine list, a warm setting and best of all, people who will wash every last dish for you. That thought alone might leave you giddy enough to make a reservation, stat.

Finally, when all is said and done, Thanksgiving is about being grateful, and what makes most of us feel especially so is being able to give back. This year Journey of Faith Church in Manhattan Beach is hosting a pop-up pantry on Sunday, November 18th, where volunteers can donate food and also help pack boxes to be delivered to nearby pantries and centers so people without means or local family will be able to enjoy a holiday meal. The pop-up is being hosting at the local Lazy Acres parking lot all day, and they're taking sign ups now.

For more ideas on how to spend your holiday by the beach, feel free to contact us. Happy Thanksgiving!