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Most Unusual things to do in Los Angeles

04 April 2018 Written by   Jeff Shotwell Published in blog
California Institute for Abnormalarts California Institute for Abnormalarts

If you're familiar with L.A., you've probably experienced a lot that the city has to offer by now. Maybe you feel like you've been there, done that, and are out of ideas. But let's be honest: this is L.A.! There is always something to explore, or a new adventure to have when you're staying at The Seaview Inn at Manhattan Beach. With that, here are some less common, or unusual activities, around the greater Los Angeles area.

  1. Linda Vista Hospital

A hospital? That's right! I know, it's not the ideal attraction, but this isn't just any old hospital. The Linda Vista has been abandoned for decades. Built initially for old-time railroad workers and their families, this hospital had a run until the 1970s when it finally shut down. Today, it's a great place for ghost-hunters and Halloween lovers.

  1. California Institute for Abnormalarts 

If you're into the weirder side of life, give a gander at this far-out museum in North Hollywood! Great for anyone into the harder-to-label musical performances, terrorizing art-pieces and burlesque sideshows. Even sci-fi movies and horror films are played throughout the evening to help add to the mood.

  1. Holyland Exhibition

Are you a fan of Indiana Jones? Then you're going to want to come by to the Holyland Exhibition. This museum is full of artifacts and various goods discovered by the man that these adventure movies were based on, Antonia F. Futterer. Items range from jewelry, vases, oil lamps, and even holy artifacts. 

  1. The El Segundo Butterfly Preserve

If nature is more for you, then you'll appreciate this wildlife sanctuary. The El Segundo Butterfly Preserve is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the beautiful El Segundo butterfly, which has been endangered for years now. A perfect location to enjoy the beauty of nature and natural environment.

  1. Galco's Soda Pop Shop

Thirsty and need something with a little "pop?" Or maybe you're a soda enthusiast? Check out Galco's Soda Pop Shop. With an astonishing 500 flavors of soda, Galco's is a throwback to the days of pop-only shops. Great for kids or the older generation to reminisce. 

There is an endless amount to do when in L.A. Do yourself a favor and book with The Seaview Inn for a place to stay next time you're down. We're one of the only beach hotels near Manhattan Beach Pier. Contact us to get started on your trip.