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What Should I Pack For My Manhattan Beach Vacation?

16 November 2017 Written by   Published in blog

A trip to California on a Manhattan Beach vacation is sure to be filled with tons of sun, sand, and beach time. However, planning what you'll be doing on your Manhattan Beach vacation is only part of the vacation preparation process.

You also need to plan out what you need to be packing so you can be prepared for any fun activity. Consider the following items to pack for your Manhattan Beach vacation so you'll be well-prepared for exploring the West Coast.

Have the right clothing
California's weather is typically warm and mild throughout the year. Jeans and a light jacket are better for the cooler months.

Pack casual, breathable clothing with a couple of layers to put on or take off depending on where you plan on traveling on your vacation. Of course, it's also a good idea to take one or two nice shirts or a nice dress for those romantic nights on the town.

If you plan on taking to the beach or boardwalk, bring along your sandals and swimsuit. Swimming is a great way to get in an aerobic workout while you're on vacation. It's also the fourth most popular sport in the United States.

Don't forget personal care items
California, and especially Manhattan Beach, is known for its sunshine. Be sure to come prepared by packing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat if necessary. Aloe lotion and cooling cream are also great ideas in case you miss a spot with your sunscreen.

Prescription medications, over-the-counter painkillers, and a small first aid kit are also good to bring along. You won't want to let a scrape keep you away from surfing, after all.

Additional vacation accessories
Manhattan Beach vacations are filled with wonderful memories and family fun. You'll want to be sure to document those memories by bringing along your digital camera or at least your phone. Be sure you're bringing along extra batteries, charging cords, and a carrying bag for your electronics.

A California beach vacation is certainly an experience you'll want to remember, especially when staying in hotels near Manhattan Beach Pier. To guarantee your vacation is unforgettable in the best way, plan and pack what you need ahead of time.

Where to stay.

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