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Creative Ways To Entertain Your Kids On A Beach Vacation

03 October 2017 Written by   Published in blog

When Americans are at the beach, 60% say they prefer to relax and do nothing. However, because many vacations and trips to the beach often involve the kids, the odds of doing nothing are rare.

Whether it's making sandcastles or playing out in the waves, entertaining the kids on the beach during your trip to California will be much easier than you think. Here are a few ways to turn your average days at the beach into unforgettable Manhattan Beach vacations. 

    1. Discover animal habitats along the shore

      No trip to California is complete without looking for the sand dwellers of Southern California. Bring along a magnifying glass (but be sure to keep it out of the direct sunlight) and look around for beach hoppers and two interstitial roly polies. Prefer the plant life? The evening primrose typically grows along the edge of the beach where it can be safely showered by the spray of the sea.

    2. Create artwork with sea shells

      Bring along paint or sharpies if your kids are slightly older and let them decorate the sea shells they find. This activity is especially fun when your kids are too tired to run around but they still want to play.

    3. Organize a scavenger hunt

      Scavenger hunts are great because you can do them anywhere even on a trip to California. And because the dunes of Manhattan Beach are filled with plant life and other pieces of nature you can easily formulate a list of obscure finds your kids will be excited to search for.

    4. Create a game of musical towels

      Hotels near Manhattan Beach pier are great to stay in not only because they're closest to the beach, but also because you don't have to worry about your phone or portable radio dying when you play this game. Turn on some of your favorite music and set up the beach towels in a circle on the sand. Then hit 'play' and let the game begin

Visiting the beach is an American family favorite and it becomes even more special when you're on vacation in a place you've never been before. So the next time you vacation in Manhattan Beach, go ahead and try out these activities. Your kids will have a blast.


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