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Q: What is green and purple and gold all over? And has beads?

A: It's Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras all over are known as a fun and festive time (think Carnevale in Brazil and Venice, Italy, plus, of course Mardi Gras New Orleans). It's full of parades, masques, and costumes, plus libations, food, and partying.

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Volleyball may be the ultimate summertime beach sport, but in Southern California, the pros don't come out to compete until the end of summer. Beginning on the 27th of August, the California Beach Volleyball Association's tournaments continue through the end of August, all of September, and the beginning of October, ending on October 2nd. In other words, if you're a volleyball fan, now is the time to come to the South Bay area.

The sheer size of the competition and amount of competitors means that the tournament takes place in a lot of locations, including the Hermosa Beach Pier, Marine Street at Manhattan Beach, and Huntingdon Beach. Also, nearly every tournament day includes a mixture of team types: women, men, co-ed, and youth. On top of that is an even further category of skill level. Briefly, they are: Open/AAA, the highest level, AA, very experienced players, A, players with some strong skills, B, intermediate skills, and Unrated, completely new players.

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Hometown Fair won "Best of Manhattan" Award  in 2015 by the MB Chamber of Commerce!

The spirit of our community shines brightly every year at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, and the tradition will continue this year on October 1-2, 2016. This fun-filled two-day event features artists, music, games and food and is perfect for people of all ages.

Since 1972, the Hometown Fair has embraced and celebrated the spirit of community that exists in Manhattan Beach. The fair kicks off with its original tradition of an opening parade at 10 AM on October 1, then it's on to all the fun activities. 

The Joslyn Center will host artisans who either display their creations or excel in performance art. From professional artists to the art of students, you'll be able to discover the unique works of these talented people, some of whom live locally while others bring their creations in from all over the country.

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