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Experience the New Year in Manhattan Beach

07 December 2017 Written by Published in blog

New Years' in Manhattan Beach has much to offer this year. From concerts to parties, to more family-friendly events, there is sure to be something in store for everyone this New Year holiday in Manhattan Beach. And to make your stay more enjoyable, consider staying at our Manhattan Beach hotel - The Sea View Inn!

Holiday Attractions in Los Angeles

30 November 2017 Written by Published in blog

If you're looking to trade in the snow for a glamorous and sun-kissed holiday season, look no further than spending a warm holiday vacation in the Los Angeles area or at any of the LA Beach hotels or, more specifically, a Manhattan Beach hotel like The Sea View Inn.  If you're booking a holiday season trip, be sure to stop by these charming seasonal Los Angeles attractions.

What Should I Pack For My Manhattan Beach Vacation?

16 November 2017 Written by Published in blog

A trip to California on a Manhattan Beach vacation is sure to be filled with tons of sun, sand, and beach time. However, planning what you'll be doing on your Manhattan Beach vacation is only part of the vacation preparation process.

You also need to plan out what you need to be packing so you can be prepared for any fun activity. Consider the following items to pack for your Manhattan Beach vacation so you'll be well-prepared for exploring the West Coast.

Holidays in Manhattan Beach

10 November 2017 Written by Published in blog

The holidays are just around the corner and Manhattan Beach is gearing up for the Christmas season by hosting its Annual Open House and Pier Lighting on Wednesday, November 15th, and the yearly Holiday Fireworks show on Sunday, December 10th.

Taking Advantage of Whale Watching Season

02 November 2017 Written by Published in blog

Whales are some of the largest creatures on our planet (the blue whale beingthe largest), yet they move with majesty, and not an ounce of awkwardness. Though massive, these creatures can seem illusive to us land-dwellers as they maintain a good distance from the shoreline. Seeing such a giant and gentle creature in person is truly a special occasion and could never compare to watching these massive beings on a screen.

Best Places in Manhattan Beach for Lunch

25 October 2017 Written by Published in blog

Named the best beach town in America for chowing down by GQ Magazine. Manhattan Beach culinary delights range from several "foodie magnets" with restaurants in town to exceptional local fares such as fish tacos and Mexican food. But the real draw about the food scene in Manhattan Beach is that the local restaurant scene is as close to the water as the beach is itself. You won't have to wander far from the surf to find your new favorite lunch haunt. 

Five awesome attractions in L.A. that are free

19 October 2017 Written by Published in blog

Los Angeles has always been a top tourist destination for those looking for adventure. The city boasts numerous attractions that will help you make some awesome memories. However, those same attractions are pretty costly. Fear not weary travelers because the City of Angels also has plenty of attractions that are completely free but will still leave you with that L.A. experience.

Manhattan Beach Locales Beyond The Sun And Surf

11 October 2017 Written by Published in blog

Southern California is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to vacation, especially for fans of the beach, the sun, and good food. Vacationers staying at a local Manhattan Beach hotel can easily make their way to the boardwalk to leisurely walk along The Strand or play with the kids in the water.

Creative Ways To Entertain Your Kids On A Beach Vacation

03 October 2017 Written by Published in blog

When Americans are at the beach, 60% say they prefer to relax and do nothing. However, because many vacations and trips to the beach often involve the kids, the odds of doing nothing are rare.

Whether it's making sandcastles or playing out in the waves, entertaining the kids on the beach during your trip to California will be much easier than you think. Here are a few ways to turn your average days at the beach into unforgettable Manhattan Beach vacations.