3400 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Three Museums You'll Love Near Manhattan Beach

15 March 2018 Written by Published in blog

Manhattan Beach and its surrounding areas are rich with everything that can make your weekend escape or luxurious vacation filled with just about anything you could wish for. Among the myriad sites, restaurants, beaches, and specialty events are some pretty awesome museums that are as diverse as they are fascinating. Here's a brief look at just three

How to Experience L.A. Without a Car and With a Budget

08 March 2018 Written by Published in blog

If you want a great L.A. experience on a budget, don't stay right in the city; stay in a Manhattan Beach hotels. The Sea View Inn at the Beach in Manhattan Beach, California offers affordable rates on boutique rooms, views of the ocean, and an incredibly convenient location right on Highland Avenue. They have apartments, suites and hotel rooms for whatever your needs are. A car won't be necessary because public transportation is always available.

Craft Beer and Cocktails In Manhattan Beach

02 March 2018 Written by Published in blog

Miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, fabulous dining options and a charming downtown scene…Manhattan Beach has it all! When you're ready to relax with a quick bite and an artisan brew, or perhaps a refreshing craft cocktail, you'll find an array of choices all within a short stroll from your Manhattan Beach hotel.

A Foodie's Guide to Los Angeles

23 February 2018 Written by Published in blog

For a foodie staying in a Manhattan Beach hotel, there are endless cuisines you will be able to sample within a short drive from The SeaView Inn. Yet, how will you know where to start when there are so many options available for you to choose from?

A Locals View for the Best Spots in Downtown Los Angeles

16 February 2018 Written by Published in blog

When traveling to a large city, such as Los Angeles, it can be hard to know where to go and what to do. Here is an inside scoop on all things you can do to fit in with the locals. 

If you've never been to Los Angeles and you're looking online for all the amazing places to see, you will find all sorts of things, but what are the things you truly want to see?

Top things to do in Manhattan Beach, California

08 February 2018 Written by Published in blog

The perks of living on Manhattan Beach are well documented. Beautiful sunlight, beautiful water, beautiful weather and beautiful Manhattan Beach hotels. We all know riding the waves or tanning on the beach are a couple of the must-do activities when out and about with friends, but what about in and around the gorgeous landscape? What else does Manhattan beach provide for its residents? Well, here are 3 things to keep you busy in between those beach getaways:

Why You Should Be Taking Your Vacation Days

02 February 2018 Written by Published in blog

Americans are perhaps one of the most overworked populations in the world. According to Bloomberg, Americans work 25% more than Europeans. We also retire later, put in more work hours, and take fewer vacation days.

Go See the Venice Beach Mardi Gras Parade near Manhattan Beach, California

25 January 2018 Written by Published in blog

Q: What is green and purple and gold all over? And has beads?

A: It's Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras all over are known as a fun and festive time (think Carnevale in Brazil and Venice, Italy, plus, of course Mardi Gras New Orleans). It's full of parades, masques, and costumes, plus libations, food, and partying.

Get for a Day of Sportfishing - Marina Del Rey

18 January 2018 Written by Published in blog

Grab your hat, sunglasses and sunblock. You might want a light cover up. And by all means, don't forget your camera or the Dramamine! We're going fishing in the Santa Monica Bay. 

There are numerous reputable fishing boat operators to choose from, but for Sportfishing - Marina Del Rey the obvious choice is Marina Del Rey Sportfishing. They offer whale watching, open party trips, both half-day and three-quarter day private fishing trips, and private charters.